Liam Maher grew up in the beautiful gardens of Dromoland Castle in County Clare, Ireland. This and the surrounding picturesque countryside coupled with the old beliefs during his boyhood days of leprechauns, ghosts and fairies were to inspire his children’s story books that were to come in later life and originally written for his grandchildren.  
Liam spends his time gardening, keeping fit, entertaining his grandchildren and searching for leprechauns.

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                                     Illustrators of Liam Maher's Children's Story Books

Bonnie Everett-Hawke, Illustrator of Blue Paint.  
Bonnie Everett-Hawke has been drawing, designing and creating since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She comes from a family endowed with artists, writers and composers, many who have graced the pages of American history. She has illustrated over 30 books for children and educators including an early readers emergent series and is the author of two books. She began her publishing career in 1975, illustrating for Christian organisations and denominations. Her work has been included in Confetti-Celebrations, Saplings, Wee-Ones, Dragonfly Spirit and much more. As a professional illustrator, Bonnie has entertained at numerous schools, libraries, festivals and museums. She is a proud member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and is an honors graduate of The Art Institute of Dallas,Texas, where she earned her degree in graphic design. Her work has been shown world wide and commissioned by churches, businesses and foreigh dignitaries.
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Gin May, Illustrator of The Plumber and the Wishing Well and Ghost Story.

Gin May is an engineering graduate, hailing from Malaysia. Her greatest interest lies in fantasy art, with an emphasis on human or humanoid characters. She says she enjoys doing fantasy-based pictures since she can brush off anatomical mistakes by claiming the character isn’t human. She lives on a steady diet of instant noodles and potato chips. Samples of her work may be viewed at  and

Vanda Laver, Illustrator of Mr Topper, The Lucky Potbellied Pig.

Vanda Laver is an internationally known Animal Artist, but also includes people and other objects in her portrait vocabulary, She has earned her living as an artist for 25 years and will be graduating with a Master's in Fine Art Painting in 2013 from Academy of Art San Francisco. Her work can be seen gracing puzzle boxes internationally and her clientele list includes Target, Sprint Long Distance Network, Inline Classic Motorcycle cards, The Bradford Exchange .

Marina Movshina, Illustrator of The Golden Daffodils

Marina Movshina has taught art lessons at the Saint Louis Art Museum. One of her illustration paintings was selected by her Alma Mater, Carnegie Mellon University of Fine Art to hang in the Centennial Exhibit featuring distinguished alumni and honoring the 100th anniversary of the College’s founding. She has worked for packaging and product design firm, Irene Pasinski and associates, a Chicago based printer and a University Graphics poster design company.